Thai child help (Thai Kinderhilfe)

Please, help the children in Thailand!

The Ban Subyang pre-school cares for 44 schoolboys and schoolgirls at the age of 3 - to 5 years. The children come from poor families which can give them only one handful of rice with fish sauce or ketchup as a midday meal. Malnutrition and nutrition-related deficiency symptoms are the result.

For the school uniforms usual in Thailand the parents can't raise the money what leads to a disadvantage and discrimination of the children. The district management makes available daily 3 Baht (approx. 7 euro cent) per pupil what just is enough to pay the everyday milk.

Aims of the children's aid project:

Our aim is to provide for an everyday midday meal with a lot of vegetables and meat or fish as well as fruit to the dessert to guarantee a food appropriate for children. In the medium term every schoolboy and every schoolgirl should receive two sets of school uniforms. A school uniform exists of a deep-blue rock or shorts, a blouse or a shirt as well as 5 pairs of white socks and 1 pair of shoes.

Further information, how you can help:

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